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Saturday, June 23, 2007

JavaScript 2.0 - A New Avatar

Java Script for objects: Brought to you by ECMA.

Now this is something that was pending for a long time now. Twelve years since the birth of JavaScript and no major or minor updates to the language. Imagine how much of value it must have offered to the entire web developer community to have survived in the software world without changing for twelve years.

As the creator of JavaScript and currently the CTO of Mozilla Foundation , Brendan Eich said,"It is not a revolution, just an evolution of existing capabilities." It sure has been long due now. Especially, with the AJAX and Web2.0 taking WWW to a different paradigm altogether. Making it essential that the foundation of the new web be stronger and reinforced with as much steel as possible.

I would be looking forward to see how it evolves. The primary challenges would be to keep it as simple as it has been and still provide an OO environment for building RIA.

Packaging and scoping are some of the mandatory requirements for the JavaScript 2.0 to keep it rolling. And another challenge is the ascertain that the JavaScript loaded on the browser is not a security risk for the computer, because the internet browsers, as we know them today, don't provide proper sandbox environment like a JVMs do.

There is a lot that would be expected out JS2.0 and I am sure, like before, it is going to deliver.

You can track the progress of JavaScript 2.0 or as the project Code name says ECMAScript from this link. ECMAScript

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Vengu said...


Nothing much at all.

Ability to open sockets from javascript will be great for scenarios where we have to implement push.

That will be so cool!