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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pitfalls In Java Development and More

Hi guys, here is a super cool blog recently launched by my friends and colleagues at Pramati.

The blog is named as Pitfalls in Java Development, but it doesn't limit the content or the description to just the pitfalls; there are amazingly new and refreshing facts about Java Technology and all its associated open source technologies.

You will also find quite a few interesting debates on DOs and NOT TO DOs in the Application Development world of Open Source and Java/J2EE. All of the authors on the blog are experts in their respective domains and technologies and share the most recent issues they encounter while working on their current assignments.

In less than two weeks since it was launched, it has reached a hit count of 3000 approx. Which in itself is an indication of how techies about the value of information shared by this blog. And to those of you for whom it matters, the CTO at Spring Source Adrian Colyer has already commented on one of the posts on this blog.

I am sure you are going to learn a lot from this single link. So check it out now!

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