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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Project KENAI and Drishta

I have just returned from the Second day of Sun Tech Days 2009, Hyderabad. In the last few hours the first thing I decided to do was to look up Project Kenai, a platform for collaborative, open source product development with a host of Social Networking features and Web 2.0 style website that looks cool and feels cool too (and I am not referring to the color blue that is the theme color for the website). There are various things that might not appear quite user friendly to a Useability expert but for a developer who is trying to build a product in collaboration with the whole community of java developers the features are just about right to get started.

I have registered on the website and have been granted the permission to host my own project called Drishta. I am going to talk more about my project and the idea behind it in the following posts, but for now what I am very excited about is that I have finally decided to reignite this initiative that has been lying dormant in my TODO list for nearly a decade.

I have liked the idea of Kenai so far. It is simple. Straightforward. And easy to use. I would recommend giving it a fair try and making your own impression of this useful platform.

Keep tuned for Drishta!!!