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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dekoh This!

Pramati launched Dekoh at Web2.0 Expo and we have been growing in our user base ever since. Here are some points you should know...

  • It is not a browser plug-in.
  • Yes! you have to install it on your computer but it takes less than 5 minutes for the framework installation on a high-speed network connection.
  • It is not the same thing as Google Gears or Adobe's Apollo, it is very different and is more focused on bringing lay users the facility to host applications and content on their home computer, only for small scale web application hosting, social networking and collaboration.
  • Works out of a web browser, so no pain of learning how to operate on some new proprietary user interface.

Evaluate Dekoh, if you want all these things:

  1. Personal Hosting: A platform that enables you to build custom web applications to be used within your community and host them from your desktop.
  2. No-Upload Sharing: Want to share content with your friends, family and/or peer group without uploading any stuff anywhere.
  3. Personal Audio/Video Streaming Stations: You want to play music or videos stored at your home desktop anywhere in the world.
  4. Work Off line: You want to maintain to build an application that connects to Web Service, synchronize your local data store and then allows you to work on that data even when you are off line. (like in a basement, in flight, or while you are out camping.)

Benefits of working on Dekoh Platform:

  1. Open Source: You don't have to pay anything but attention (to your idea)!
  2. Free Support: Our engineers will help you customize the platform (if you really need it), application support (for configuration and maintenance related issues).
  3. Creative Freedom: You can build almost any sort of application that needs a web server to run it. You imagination is your limit.
  4. Web 2.0 Toolkit: You can use our widgets and request for other components that are related to Web 2.0 to add flavor and flexibility to your and your community's experience.
  5. Dev Kit: The best part about Dekoh is that a Dev Kit for building basic applications and deploying them takes under 30 seconds.
  6. Powerful Application Server: You will be leveraging the power of our enterprise application server, which has been condensed and made available to you for free with almost the same robustness, scalability and extensibility.
  7. API for extension: If you have some experience with extending API's, you will know what we are talking about here. The potential to enhance the whole platform to your personal advantage with no cost involved.
  8. Be Trendy: It's a cool app, which will make your desktop look cooler than before. The industry is moving towards offline web applications, and giants like Google and Adobe are the best benchmarks for understanding the trend.

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