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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Buzz or Biz???

If you read my first post completely you might have noticed that I signed-off with an odd question.

Let's see which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

You may call it a foresight, divine intervention or coming events cast shadow thing!

I am in fact struggling with a chicken or egg situation here. Y te presento, mi predicamento:

What comes first in today's fast changing and hyperactive software industry.

The Buzz or The Biz?

For the uninitiated or intellectually challenged, What makes a product or service big in today's effervescent market, the business proposition that a company offers or the buzz they manage to generate?

It took me nearly 6-7 years to realize what Google was offering through their search engine was nearly unparalleled by anybody before or after. I have been reading many websites talking about semantic webs and specialized searches for different type of resources that are search candidates. But, there is no other Google when it comes to finding something on the internet. And yet I started using the term Google as a verb "Did you Google for xyz?" instead of a noun "Did you search for xyz on Google?" just about a year back. So Google-ing has become synonymous to searching stuff on internet. And on a personal level, I feel any product that becomes synonymous to an activity in our day to day lives, has created a "Buzz" or has become a "Buzz".

So, in Google's case, Buzz came after Biz. Yet sometimes Buzz comes before Biz. Like an Apple iPhone. As far as end users like me are concerned, all we know is that it is going to be something out of this world. And we like to believe that because Apple has established itself as a Style Icon in the world of technology for their elegant designs and catchy outfit. And the Buzz might in fact take iPhone's sales to the sky even before people realized the limitations and drawbacks (if any). So, Apple's iPhone might actually sell-off more pieces out of buzz than the real biz offerings.

This leads me to the profound question of Chicken or Egg? Or in my case Biz or Buzz???

I would bet my money on Biz. And yet I can't ignore the strength of Buzz. I am working on creating a Buzz about a Biz. And let's see which one yields better results for me...

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