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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Attention Bibliophiles - Personal Cataloging has arrived!

I am a bibliophile. I love collecting books but over the last few years I stopped collecting books because I couldn't manage them. I was loosing as many books as I was buying, so my library never grew beyond a certain number. I lost them because I would lend them to friends and forget to take them back or carelessly leave them at places from where not even God could retrieve them.

For the latter problem there was nothing much I could do. But thankfully for the former one I found this cool tool that I have started using.

Personal Book Cataloging, using Dekoh Books. You probably already know that I talking about a product that my company has built and it is fair on your part to assume that I am writing this article to sell an application that was built by my company. I won't deny that, but that is not the only reason. Dekoh Books has indeed helped me catalogue my books and figure out which books are with my friends, which are with my family and which ones have I simply misplaced.


The best part about Dekoh books is that now I can even add books to my Wishlist so that whenever I get a chance to visit a good book store, I can simply go through my wishlist and find out which books are pending on my list.


There is another cool feature of this application. You can search for books through Web Service and add them to your Wishlist, which will enable you to fetch the ISBN number and a thumbnail image of the book's cover so that when you go to buy that book, you don't pick some other similar sounding book by mistake.

Some books that I found through Dekoh Books Search by Keyword are visible in the snapshot above which has three recommended books that I have been trying to find for years now.

Click to see my shared books. **

And you will get the idea.

To start using this application, all you gotta do is visit

** If it asks you user name and password, type the following "neoriz" & "dekoh123".

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