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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Torrent over RIA...Cascading Revolution!

Can Do: A New Paradigm for content sharing

A year and a half back a friend of mine, who is doing his research on biotechnology, explained to me a new way of sharing files that was taking heat and that could actually make things far more quicker in spite of the bandwidth variations across the internet.

Bit Torrent is a very innovative protocol designed to make file sharing over internet much easier and less bandwidth-intensive. Amazing technological advancement in the area of content distribution with shared bandwidth.

The concept of fragmenting the target files across a host of computers connected to the internet makes the entire idea of "high load on single server" obsolete. The connected computers distribute the fragments by downloading them from other computers and then making them available for upload for those computers that don't already have the fragment.

This enables sharing between a large number of peers possible without increasing the load drastically on any single machine. And thus making it far more faster than a normal download over an FTP or HTTP would take for the same file size.

The downloads and uploads however still remain bandwidth dependent as everything else is on internet but in this case the dependency never leads to a bottle neck. The flow is constant and the load shared therefore reducing the chances of having single point of failure. Bit Torrent also enables non-continuous downloads inherently because the continuity can never be assured over internet given the fluctuating nature of the bandwidth.

Desire: Ease of Usage and Friendliness

To avail the power of Bit Torrent based file sharing, you would normally require a client side application that helps you in performing download management tasks viz. Bandwith Allocation per download, prioritizing downloads, pausing and resuming, seeding etc.

And to those of you who use internet extensively, installing yet another application sounds to be an encumbrance. Organizing all the applications on your desktop, then updating versions, re-installation, firewall limitations etc. are some of the common problems one faces while using tools like Torrent clients.

How one wishes there was a way of putting all these applications on top of another layer of organization within your desktop that would manage all these issues, instead of your having to sit once every week and arrange stuff on your desktop manually.

Alternative: Desktop Rich Internet Application Platform

Having a RIA platform opens a great deal of opportunities for both developers and end-users. Developers find it easy to experiment with their ideas and offer their services over a customizable application development platform. End-users on the other hand benefit from a constantly growing community effort in bringing out function rich applications.

The RIA platforms and the desktop web has caught interest of major software vendors in the industry, to name a few Google and Adobe and they are in a race to offer these platforms out of their angelic desires to make the end user ever more equipped and enabled to leverage the strength of internet and web technologies.

Pramati, a relatively small fish in the huge ocean, on the other hand has already arrived with a solution that is simple, elegant and as powerful as your imagination. Dekoh in it's entirety has altogether different view about how the world to come will use internet.

As I have been talking about Dekoh in my previous posts, so I won't bother you with what Dekoh is. However, Dekoh can be used in places where no one could have ever imagined. Dekoh has evolved considerably in the past few months and its capabilities are growing by the day.

For a torrent service and client application all you need is a basic web server with trackers and clients that can communicate over the internet. Dekoh provides you with a personal webserver and there is a Central Application Server, both of these combined can add broader tracking facilities for Bit-Torrent files.

Dekoh architecture also enables you to work from behind the firewalls which means that it is possible that your IM services may be interrupted or your access to the internet may be limited but your downloads will never stop as long as you have Dekoh with you.

Wondering on these possibilities, the day is not far when you might actually hear about Torrent being available over Dekoh platform, making end-users' lives much more simpler and organized.

Torrent over a Desktop based RIA platform, in my opinion will make a killer combination and I will be following up on it more. You keep tuned in to know more.

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