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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google is Google after all...

Blogging has grown from a personal interest to a full time profession that can get you paid heavily. Weblogs are being used for Social Networking, Business Networking, Marketing, Advertising, Solicitation and what not. But what do you expect from a weblog of Google, not something that I found out recently.

All bloggers are burning their finger tips to make their presence felt over the internet. And then it happens all of a sudden that you come across blogs like these, .

This makes you realize that there is someone ahead of you capitalizing on your efforts and getting further ahead. I don't feel there is anything unethical in this practice but it is a bit too much of a show off for Google. They don't even want to write their own blogs about their own products. They have created a mashup that pulls data from the weblogs that contains articles on Google or its products. Now that is cool and that is why "Google is Google after all."

The link above shows a post made out of my post in which I had mentioned Google Gears. This site is an auto-blog that crawls the web for blogs and other informational sites, filters out content that contains people's opinion about Google and its products, and posts it here, with no effort required whatsoever.

Using the Technorati's ping facility, this blog keeps updating itself regularly and pinging it to Technorati, making it hot on the tag cloud. Google has really gained a lot of headway through its search and related products and now this is another use, they have found, of their searching capabilities.

I am not sure whether they plan to do it as a practice for all their products or it is just an experiment for Google Gears, but it sure feels very unGoogle like to me.

At the same time, I can't deny the fact that this practice makes sure that blogs like mine get a fair chance for gaining visibility. This might even get me more hits and increase the chances of my opinion getting heard by a wider audience. So, in short even though I am not impressed by this blog by Google, I am still curious to see what it will mean for Google and the rest of us, eventually.


jeffro said...

I've never seen your site before but here I am making a comment so I suppose it's working. In all honesty, I think what Google is doing is out of pure laziness but what do I know.

jeffro said...

Hello there bloke. Excellent post as usual. I thought I would chime in as this list could easily go past infinity! I'm certainly glad you mentioned pingbacks/trackbacks as these can be valuable backlinks to your blog. These are especially helpful when the trackbacks appear on high traffic sites. I especially agree with your opinion as to the “COPY AND PASTE” technique. Creating and writing your own content takes blood, sweat, and tears but in the end, the unique content is what drives visitors to your site and ends up being the most rewarding.

I actually did a write up of OnlyWire on my blog and I must say that I was excited at first, but after using the service for awhile, I am becoming increasingly disappointed. There are 19 services that OnlyWire is hooked into but only 15 of those were actually accessible for me to create an account on. Out of those 15 there are only a few which actually work as prescribed. Some of the sites tied into OnlyWire such as BlogMeMe's have nothing to do with Social Bookmarking which leaves me scratching my head. Perhaps you have had better luck with OnlyWire?

I actually use a service called which functions in the same fashion as your pinging tool. Not sure which one pings to more services, but it seems to work fine for me.

Before I let you go, I wanted to comment on social bookmarking the content on one's blog. I think if you look at the big picture, users who only use the social bookmarking tools to bookmark the content on their own sites is generally considered abusing the system. The key here, is to actually use the services the way they are intended to be used while slipping in a post or two of your own content every now and then so you don't look like a robot on each of the social bookmarking services. If your activity looks like it is being generated by a bot, your account is at risk of being permanently banned.

I hope I added some relevant information towards the post at hand.

Rem0teMth0d said...

Hey Jeffro, thanks for the backup. Yes your points have added to the idea I was trying to convey.

Keep visiting and suggesting on the ideas etc.

Thanks for taking out time for such an elaborate comment.